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Lunch.Chat.Learn - One Artist’s Fractal Universe

Join us on Thursday 28th March with biologist turned artist, Lianne Todd!

Raised on a farm in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, and formally educated as a biologist (BSc U. Of Waterloo, MSc U. Of Guelph), Lianne’s fascination with the natural world is reflected in her art.

She has been exhibiting her watercolour paintings for about 21 years, beginning in St. Louis, MO and continuing in Oxford County, ON. She has been active in various local art organizations, both as a participant and as an organizer, and helped found the Canadian branch of the International Watercolour Society (IWS Canada).

In addition to watercolours, she has turned to mathematical and digital art, including watercolours based on that, for further exploration of the fractal nature of our universe.

Fractals are infinite, complex patterns – in real life, they can be seen in trees, rivers for example.

As an artist with a scientific education, Lianne’s creations come primarily from careful observation of the universe around her. In her compulsion to draw, paint, photograph, and create digital images, lies her desire to understand the underlying patterns we share with all life and with all matter.

Textures, shapes, colours, structures and repetitions on every scale seem important to our ultimate grasp of how and why we came to be here, and what possibilities lie in our future. Lianne explained that when she looks at fractals, she often sees everyday things, and when she looks at everyday things, she often sees fractals. Benoit Mandelbrot, Polish mathematician, called it the ‘geometry of nature’, and Lianne’s fractal art is an attempt to bring a similar idea to light. Fractal geometry may not just a model for, but the underlying structure of our universe.

Join Lianne’s Lunch.Chat.Learn talk to learn about her interpretations of what she sees in fractal geometry, her techniques for creating the art and her explanations of the math involved.

Find out more about Lianne Todd and her work


What is Lunch.Chat.Learn?

Lunch.Chat.Learn is a Scientifically Speaking webinar series that aims to bridges the gap between STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and the arts. The series features expert speakers who delve into topics ranging from cutting-edge innovations to the symbiotic relationship between science and the arts.

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